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Who we areAbout Us

We are a Full Service Auto Maintenance & Repair Shop that has been serving the Houston Heights, Downtown, Montrose, Midtown, Med Center and surrounding Communities for more than 20 years. Our Owner and Automotive Technicians (Mechanics) are Certified, Masters or Experienced in providing Skilled, Professional, and Expert Auto Mechanic services and together provide more than seventy (70) years of Knowledge and Automotive Service Excellence to Our Customers.

Repair Services

We are proud to share that WE USE state-of-the-art technologically advanced diagnostic and other service and maintenance tools and equipment. WE OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS the industry leading technology that is needed on newer vehicles and couple these fines tools and equipment with experienced and ASE certified professional automotive technicians.

Auto Maintenance

Though manay times overlooked, preventive maintainance allows you the peace of mind and relief of knowing that you are enjoying the use of a dependable running vehicle. We pride ourselves on the importance of informing our customers on the necessary parts, maintenance and service that will help keep them in a well maintained car or truck.

Additional ServicesEngines, Wheels, Drive Train, Brakes,

Diagnostics & More

It is our pleasure to offer our customers A FULL array ofsuperior SERVICEs providing a 1 STOP SHOP for almost all of your automotive repair and maintenance needs.

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Houston NRG Gun Show at NRG Center HOUSTON, TX

SAT, 06/01/2019 - 9:00AM TO 5:00PM 

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Feb - Mar 2019 RODEO HOUSTON!
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“  Howdy Howdy!!! No time like the present to CALL and SCHEDULE your 4 wheeled horses for Spring/ Summer Maintenance TODAY!" "WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS!" 

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